1948 Horror Film List

Castle Sinister (1948)

Director : Oscar Burn
Run Time : 49 min
Release Date : 1948
Cast : Mara Russell-Tavernan, Robert Essex, Karl Meir

Various men congregate on remote, alarming Glennye Castle which is reputedly haunted by the ghost of a previous lord. One of the Read more...

Amert Al Gezera (1948)

Director : Kamal Hefnawi
Run Time : 1 hr 1 min
Release Date : 1948
Cast : Kamal Al-Shennawi, Taheya Cariocca, Reyad El Kasabgy Read more...

Podobizna (1948)

Director : Jirí Slavícek
Run Time : 1 hr 36 min
Release Date : 1948
Cast : Otomar Krejca, Ljuba Skorepová, Vladimír Smeral

People are scared of the usurer Chazaj furthermore are influenced that he is the bearer of evil. One daytime Chazaj Read more...

La mano del muertito (1948)

Director : José Bohr
Run Time : 1 hr 25 min
Release Date : 1948
Cast : Lucho Córdova, Lucy Lanny, Rubén Darío Guevara Read more...

The Monkey’s Paw (1948)

Director : Norman Lee
Run Time : 1 hr 4 min
Release Date : 1948
Cast : Milton Rosmer, Megs Jenkins, Michael Martin Harvey

A mamma needs given that the go back of her insensitive son, as anyways as that aspiration is permitted by a charm Read more...

Unknown Island (1948)

Director : Jack Bernhard
Run Time : 1 hr 15 min
Release Date : 1948
Cast : Virginia Grey, Phillip Reed, Richard Denning

An voyage seeker furthermore his fiancée stopover at an uncharted island, major to deem that it is inhabited by disastrous Read more...

The Amazing Mr. X (1948)

Director : Bernard Vorhaus
Run Time : 1 hr 18 min
Release Date : 1948
Cast : Turhan Bey, Lynn Bari, Cathy O’Donnell

On the shore single night, Christine Faber, two life a widow, thinks she hears her not on time wife Paul dropping a file Read more...

Inner Sanctum (1948)

Director : Lew Landers
Run Time : 1 hr 2 min
Release Date : 1948
Cast : Charles Russell, Mary Beth Hughes, Dale Belding

A woman fleeing the regulate subsequent to stimulating devoted a murder hides out inside a boarding abode inside a minute Read more...

House of Darkness (1948)

Director : Oswald Mitchell
Run Time : 1 hr 3 min
Release Date : 1948
Cast : Henry Oscar, Laurence Harvey, Lesley Osmond

A immature person of fully grown age visiting a place of abode that turns out to troth haunted is scarded the living Read more...

Horror Maniacs (1948)

Director : Oswald Mitchell
Run Time : 1 hr 20 min
Release Date : 1948
Cast : Tod Slaughter, Henry Oscar, Jenny Lynn

A chronicle of body snatchers inside Edinburgh, proportional to Burke along with Hare. Read more...

The Feathered Serpent (1948)

Director : William Beaudine
Run Time : 1 hr 1 min
Release Date : 1948
Cast : Roland Winters, Keye Luke, Mantan Moreland

Charlie Chan also his two eldest sons, research a murderous gang who is injecting an archaeologist to enquiry since a adore Read more...

Daughter of Darkness (1948)

Director : Lance Comfort
Run Time : 1 hr 31 min
Release Date : 1948
Cast : Anne Crawford, Maxwell Reed, George Thorpe

Emily, a appealing juvenile Irish girl, gets a work on an English farm owned by the Tallent family. The local people at large Read more...