1957 Horror Film List

Zombies of Mora Tau (1957)

Director : Edward L. Cahn
Run Time : 1 hr 10 min
Release Date : 1957
Cast : Gregg Palmer, Allison Hayes, Autumn Russell

Zombie-like, without sensation crewmen of a sunken move pass through ceaselessly prevented salvagers loves claiming the Read more...

Voodoo Woman (1957)

Director : Edward L. Cahn
Run Time : 1 hr 15 min
Release Date : 1957
Cast : Marla English, Tom Conway, Mike Connors

Deep inside the jungles a nutty scientist is by the use of the natives’ voodoo for the raison d’?tre that his Read more...

Voodoo Island (1957)

Director : Reginald Le Borg
Run Time : 1 hr 16 min
Release Date : 1957
Cast : Boris Karloff, Beverly Tyler, Murvyn Vye

A well-to-do industrialist hires the well known hoax-buster Phillip Knight to demonstrate that an island he intentions to Read more...

El vampiro (1957)

Director : Fernando Méndez
Run Time : 1 hr 35 min
Release Date : 1957
Cast : Abel Salazar, Ariadne Welter, Carmen Montejo

A appealing teen Mexican gal income to her fatherland to style funeral preparations given that her dear aunt, who has Read more...

The Vampire (1957)

Director : Paul Landres
Run Time : 1 hr 15 min
Release Date : 1957
Cast : John Beal, Coleen Gray, Kenneth Tobey

A minute town health worker mistakenly ingests an experimental dose produced indulge in the blood of vampire bats which transforms Read more...

The Unknown Terror (1957)

Director : Charles Marquis Warren
Run Time : 1 hr 16 min
Release Date : 1957
Cast : John Howard, Mala Powers, Paul Richards

A grown grown-up person leads an tour into a far-flung off tree-plant to hold her long-lost brother, on the variant hand Read more...

The Unearthly (1957)

Director : Boris Petroff
Run Time : 1 hr 13 min
Release Date : 1957
Cast : John Carradine, Myron Healey, Allison Hayes

Mad medical examiner roads patients at his distant psychiatric institute for issues inside his endeavors to make longevity by Read more...

The Undead (1957)

Director : Roger Corman
Run Time : 1 hr 11 min
Release Date : 1957
Cast : Pamela Duncan, Richard Garland, Allison Hayes

A smart mature woman is sent back up inside long channel away by channel of hypnosis to the Middle Ages where she finds she Read more...

Spook Chasers (1957)

Director : George Blair
Run Time : 1 hr 2 min
Release Date : 1957
Cast : Huntz Hall, Stanley Clements, Darlene Fields

The gang gets wedged throughout a thunderstorm inside a horrific mansion, where they arrive at ghosts, gorillas along with Read more...

She Devil (1957)

Director : Kurt Neumann
Run Time : 1 hr 17 min
Release Date : 1957
Cast : Mari Blanchard, Jack Kelly, Albert Dekker

Doctors Scott also Bach insert the dying Kyra Zelas as well as a formula which saves her being alive – nonetheless Read more...

Enemy from Space (1957)

Director : Val Guest
Run Time : 1 hr 25 min
Release Date : 1957
Cast : Brian Donlevy, John Longden, Sidney James

Professor Quatermass, striving to compile psychotherapy since his Lunar colonisation project, is transfixed by puzzling traces that Read more...

Pontianak (1957)

Director : B. Narayan Rao
Run Time : 1 hr 50 min
Release Date : 1957
Cast : Maria Menado, M. Amin, Salmah Ahmad