1959 Horror Film List

Terror Is a Man (1959)

Director : Gerardo de Leon
Run Time : 1 hr 29 min
Release Date : 1959
Cast : Francis Lederer, Greta Thyssen, Richard Derr

A round the bend scientist transforms a panther into a man-like individual that escapes in addition to runs on a murderous Read more...

Tempi duri per i vampiri (1959)

Director : Steno
Run Time : 1 hr 25 min
Release Date : 1959
Cast : Renato Rascel, Sylva Koscina, Lia Zoppelli

Baron Osvaldo Lambertenghi is compelled to promote it his ancestral castle; while it’s switched over into a hotel, he stays on Read more...

Teenagers from Outer Space (1959)

Director : Tom Graeff
Run Time : 1 hr 26 min
Release Date : 1959
Cast : David Love, Dawn Bender, Bryan Grant

A tender overseas also a adolescent earthling give love, also arrangement to bring to a close the alien’s race delight in by the Read more...

Santa Claus (1959)

Director : René Cardona
Run Time : 1 hr 34 min
Release Date : 1959
Cast : José Elías Moreno, Cesáreo Quezadas ‘Pulgarcito’, José Luis Aguirre ‘Trotsky’

With the help of Merlin, Santa Claus must regret the evil Read more...

Invasion of the Animal People (1959)

Director : Virgil W. Vogel
Run Time : 55 min
Release Date : 1959
Cast : Barbara Wilson, Sten Gester, Robert Burton

Aliens reveal a blurry critter inside the wilds of Lapland where it takes out a fully fledged man captive plus threatens a stamp Read more...

Return of the Fly (1959)

Director : Edward Bernds
Run Time : 1 hr 20 min
Release Date : 1959
Cast : Vincent Price, Brett Halsey, David Frankham

Philippe Delambre, the now-adult child of “The Fly”, accomplishes different transportation experimentation of his Read more...

The Head (1959)

Director : Victor Trivas
Run Time : 1 hr 37 min
Release Date : 1959
Cast : Horst Frank, Karin Kernke, Helmut Schmid

A scientist invents a serum that keeps a dog’s type existing succeeding its body dies. When the scientist dies of a Read more...

The Mummy (1959)

Director : Terence Fisher
Run Time : 1 hr 28 min
Release Date : 1959
Cast : Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Yvonne Furneaux

In 1895, British archaeologists value plus open the tomb of Egyptian Princess Ananka in addition to nefarious Read more...

The Man Who Could Cheat Death (1959)

Director : Terence Fisher
Run Time : 1 hr 23 min
Release Date : 1959
Cast : Anton Diffring, Hazel Court, Christopher Lee

A centenarian artiste with scientist inside 1890 Paris maintains his childhood with strength by every thus often replacing Read more...

The Killer Shrews (1959)

Director : Ray Kellogg
Run Time : 1 hr 9 min
Release Date : 1959
Cast : James Best, Ingrid Goude, Ken Curtis

On an irregular island, a trivial range of folks are scared the pants off by full-size ravenous shrews accompanied by a hurricane. Read more...

Invisible Invaders (1959)

Director : Edward L. Cahn
Run Time : 1 hr 7 min
Release Date : 1959
Cast : John Agar, Jean Byron, Philip Tonge

Aliens, communicating with scientist Adam Penner, explain to him that they withstand been on the moon as twenty thousand years, Read more...

The Hound of the Baskervilles (1959)

Director : Terence Fisher
Run Time : 1 hr 27 min
Release Date : 1959
Cast : Peter Cushing, André Morell, Christopher Lee

When a nobleman is threatened by a make spell on his freshly inherited estate, secret agent Sherlock Holmes is hired to Read more...