1968 Horror Film List

Confessions of a Psycho Cat (1968)

Director : Herb Stanley
Run Time : 1 hr 9 min
Release Date : 1968
Cast : Eileen Lord, Ed Garrabrandt, Frank Geraci

A deranged, prosperous woman gives $100,000 to three kinskith and kin if they may perhaps stay existing since 24 hours inside Read more...

The Bushwhacker (1968)

Director : Byron Mabe
Run Time : 1 hr 26 min
Release Date : 1968
Cast : Dan Martin, Merci Montello, Barbara Kline

A wild mountain-man shoots gulp a petite passenger plane. He subsequently returns to stalk, torture in addition to destroy the Read more...

The Living Skeleton (1968)

Director : Hiroki Matsuno
Run Time : 1 hr 20 min
Release Date : 1968
Cast : Kikko Matsuoka, Yasunori Irikawa, Masumi Okada

About a adolescent grown-up alive inside a seaside town haunted by the ghosts of a ship’s crew annihilate by fresh Read more...

The Ghostly Trap (1968)

Director : Kôji Shima
Run Time : 1 hr 18 min
Release Date : 1968
Cast : Mikio Narita, Mayumi Nagisa, Eiji Funakoshi

Bakeneko: A Vengeful Spirit (1968)

Director : Yoshihiro Ishikawa
Run Time : 1 hr 27 min
Release Date : 1968
Cast : Ryôhei Uchida, Kôtarô Satomi, Kyoko Mikage

The Dismembered Ghost (1968)

Director : Kinya Ogawa
Run Time : 1 hr 11 min
Release Date : 1968
Cast :

Yôkai hyaku monogatari (1968)

Director : Kimiyoshi Yasuda
Run Time : 1 hr 20 min
Release Date : 1968
Cast : Shinobu Araki, Jun Fujimaki, Ryûtarô Gomi

The local yôkai (Japanese spirits) intrude to avenge a murder plus obstruct the intentions of corrupt officials. Read more...

Kaidan zankoku monogatari (1968)

Director : Kazuo Hase
Run Time : 1 hr 28 min
Release Date : 1968
Cast : Masumi Harukawa, Nobuo Kaneko, Saeda Kawaguchi

A Samurai kills a Blind Man who tells him to “Repay his debts.” Because of the Samurai’s actions his finish Read more...

Big Monster War (1968)

Director : Yoshiyuki Kuroda
Run Time : 1 hr 19 min
Release Date : 1968
Cast : Yoshihiko Aoyama, Hideki Hanamura, Chikara Hashimoto

When a Babylonian vampire comes to mature Japan, an army of Japanese demons with ghosts compile with drive Read more...

Botan-dôrô (1968)

Director : Satsuo Yamamoto
Run Time : 1 hr 29 min
Release Date : 1968
Cast : Miyoko Akaza, Kôjirô Hongô, Hajime Koshikawa

On the dead night of the summer Obon festival, Hagiwara Shinzaburo meets a eye-catching courtesan known Otsuyu. Not Read more...

The Exotic Ones (1968)

Director : Ron Ormond
Run Time : 1 hr 29 min
Release Date : 1968
Cast : Georgette Dante, Edward B. Moates, Donna Raye

A trio of hunters inside the Louisiana bayous dig up a nut was inside articulation with the Swamp Thing. They receive it to Read more...

Creature of Comfort (1968)

Director : Graham Driscoll
Run Time : 1 hr 58 min
Release Date : 1968
Cast : Donald Pleasence, Arthur Adams, Marjorie Bennett

A sequences of vignettes are fixed mutually by a chronicle regarding a carnivorous entity which masquerades since a Read more...