1992 Horror Film List

Marilyn Alive and Behind Bars (1992)

Director : John Carr
Run Time : 1 hr 30 min
Release Date : 1992
Cast : John Phillip Law, Francine York, Sharon Ratcliff

Utterly destroyed by having his bride’s drowning demise minute drunk-driving, Harry leaps off a railroad trestle into Read more...

Hell Spa (1992)

Director : Mike Bowler
Run Time : 1 hr 30 min
Release Date : 1992
Cast : Lisa Bawdon, Augie Blunt, Mike Bowler

At Benson’s Health Spa affair is booming. And why not? With the, “Look eye-catching along with stay hold or in no way pay Read more...

Mad at the Moon (1992)

Director : Martin Donovan
Run Time : 1 hr 38 min
Release Date : 1992
Cast : Lori Ashton, Hart Bochner, Pat Atkins

A immature mature man on the frontier marries a soft farmer who has an exasperating oddity of looking a relatively sweeping Read more...

Prikosnoveniye (1992)

Director : Albert S. Mkrtchyan
Run Time : 1 hr 37 min
Release Date : 1992
Cast : Aleksandr Zuev, Maryana Polteva, Vsevolod Abdulov

A secret agent enquiring a suicide case, finds himself concerned inside freaky relationships of a family! Read more...

Lost Prophet (1992)

Director : Michael De Avila
Run Time : 1 hr 15 min
Release Date : 1992
Cast : James Burton, Zandra Huston, Drew Morone

Unstable mature woman spends the summer inside an unfilled mansion, where he meets punks, outbreak killers plus witches. Read more...

Sabotator (1992)

Director :
Run Time : 58 min
Release Date : 1992
Cast : Ville Lähde, Ossi Kakko, Jyri Vuorinen

Serial killer boy perform into peoples houses, kills each person inside, lives there given that a few months furthermore at the moment blows Read more...

Listopad (1992)

Director : Lukasz Karwowski
Run Time : 1 hr 30 min
Release Date : 1992
Cast : Jerzy Binczycki, Marek Bukowski, Anna Ciepielewska

A small missy is both schizophrenic along with abuses drugs. She has variant fantasies concerning fire. A curative Read more...

The Law (1992)

Director : Gabriel Campisi
Run Time : 1 hr 37 min
Release Date : 1992
Cast :

A man burdened plus the data of a disastrous classified without notice finds himself on the gush derive pleasure The Law, an unearthly classified group which will Read more...

The Lawnmower Man (1992)

Director : Brett Leonard
Run Time : 1 hr 48 min
Release Date : 1992
Cast : Jeff Fahey, Pierce Brosnan, Jenny Wright

A easy grown-up person is circled into a genius completed the demands of pc science. Read more...

Hellmaster (1992)

Director : Douglas Schulze
Run Time : 1 hr 32 min
Release Date : 1992
Cast : John Saxon, David Emge, Amy Raasch

A psychotic college professor approaches uninformed students for laboratory rats, forcing each other as well as a dose that mutates Read more...

Junoon (1992)

Director : Mahesh Bhatt
Run Time : 2 hr 3 min
Release Date : 1992
Cast : Tom Alter, Rakesh Bedi, Pooja Bhatt

Tells the anecdote of Vikram (Rahul Roy), who following more or less achieving slayed by a cursed tiger starts to transmute into a Read more...

Krystallines nyhtes (1992)

Director : Tonia Marketaki
Run Time : 2 hr 18 min
Release Date : 1992
Cast : François Delaive, Michele Valley, Tania Tripi